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The ultimate CD of Alessandro Vena. A good occasion to listen and enjoy music from two important Italian composers: Antonino Pirrone and Nino Rota.

The indefatigable Marco Albrizio, few days after the issue of "The Trout", releases a new CD!

Piano Quintet Die Forelle and Lied D 550

Marianna Grynchuk is an Australian pianist of Ukrainian origin. She made her recital debut when she was 11

A native of Ishikawa, Japan, pianist Yurika Mihara has won numerous awards and competitions including the PTNA Piano Competition Bronze Award, the TIAA All Japan Classic Music Concert Special Jury Award...

The second volume of Christopher Howell's major exploration of Stanford’s piano music

The pianist Maya Jeon was born in Bucheon (Republic of Korea) in 1981. She started studying piano at the age of 3 with Korean teachers.

The Italian pianist Marco Albrizio on his third album of Schubert sonatas

The Passiontide paintings of Caravaggio provided the catalyst for the fifth volume of my large piano cycle series, Steps. The brilliant, but wild, often violent, "free-spirited" painter depicted several scenes of incidents preceding the crucifixion.

Pianist Victor Paukstelis (Viktoras Paukštelis in Lithuanian) was born in 1983 in Vilnius, Lithuania, into a family comprising of three generations of classical musicians.

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