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The celebrated Italian pianist Alessandro Vena takes a new departure with this recording of twentieth-century classics alongside new music for piano.

Vladislav Mikhalchuk was born on the 28th of March 1996 in Saint — Petersburg, Russia. In the family of Vladislav, there were no professional musicians, but all the relatives were fond of music and that was what brought him to the P. Serebryakov Children's Art School at the age of 5.

Jacopo Mai was born in Grosseto in September 1996. He obtained the first level Diploma Accademico in Piano with full marks, honours and special mention at the ISSM “P. Mascagni” of Livorno, where his teacher was Maestro Daniel Rivera. In parallel with his musical studies, he attended the Liceo Classico “Carducci-Ricasoli” of Grosseto, obtaining the Classical High
School Diploma in 2015. He won first prize in the Literary Competition held by the Italian “Dante Alighieri” Society with “La Nave in Dante”.

Last year, pianist Sînziana Mircea released her debut album "Nihil sine Deo" at the Radio House Publishing and finished third in the top chart of artists voted by Radio Romania Musical during the campaign "Vote the classical music disc of 2016".

After studying in the Tokyo University of the Arts with Seizo Azuma, he
moved to London in 2011 to pursue further studies at the Royal Academy of
Music as a full scholarship student.

Grammy nominated classical guitarist Marc Regnier has won the attention and respect of critics, producers, and musicians for over three decades as a performer, recording artist and educator.

Born in January, 2009, Pavan-Canale Duo started in the beginning as a research work which leads the two musicians to explore some compositions of the flute and piano repertory among the most complex and often neglected ones......

DAVID COLLINS (b.1953) had violin lessons at school, but never progressed very far, as composing began to occupy more of his time. Despite an absorbing interest in music, he was persuaded to pursue other career options.

Marcus Paus is one of the most active and sought after Norwegian composers of his generation.

Young Romanian pianist Sînziana Mircea had her
debut at the Romanian Athenaeum, the main venue in
her country, at the age of 7, followed by numerous
appearances in Europe. She made her American
debut at the age of 11. She started touring at the age
of 14 with a solo tour in the USA, continuing in the
following years with recital tours in Japan and China.

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