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Irina Borissova, violin - Giacomo Battarino, piano --
Virtuoso duo Irina Borissova and Giacomo Battarino present three composers who each found a personal way to pursue Romanticism. Bulgarian pioneer and father figure, Pancho Vladigerov wrote his lyrical Violin Sonata at the tender age of 15 – a work of tremendous precocity. Initially an “enfant terrible”, during the middle years of his life Francis Poulenc increasingly turned to a melancholy Romanticism. Both strands feature in his striking sonata dedicated to the memory of Spanish poet Garcia Lorca. British composer Peter Seabourne disowned his modernist juvenilia, instead forging a distinctively unique expressive voice, readily apparent in this character study of a troubled Frederic Chopin. With playing of huge energy and poeticism, this release is a real highlight in a Sheva catalogue already blessed with many!

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