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Emily Dickinson
Emily Dickinson in Music
A contest for composers of any age and any country

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Emily Dickinson in Music

A contest for composers of any age and any country
with a recording and publishing prize
Under the esteemed patronage of


Italian writer, poet and translator of Emily Dickinson

The aim of the contest is to celebrate the magical poetry of Emily Dickinson through music.

Many composers have set her words; Sheva wishes to further expand the repertoire and offers a valuable recording and publishing opportunity.

We have chosen twenty poems in four groups:
1 - Daily life
2 - Love
3 - Death
4 - Nature and the infinite
To read the poems, please click here.

Contestants will choose one poem from each group, as they wish, and compose a set of four songs for soprano and piano.


Four prize winners will be selected. There is no money prize but the successful works will be recorded on a Sheva CD and be distributed worldwide. Sheva has a catalogue of nearly 300CDs. Winners will receive 30 copies of the disc free of charge.

The winning scores will be published by the German company Repertoire Explorer (https://repertoire-explorer.musikmph.de).

Additionally, Sheva will do its best to organize as many possible events both in Europe and US in order to give further exposure to the composers' scores.


  • Composers of any nationality and age can enter.
  • The score should be written for soprano and piano - it must use both, and no other instrumentations will be allowed.
  • The work will set any four Dickinson poems from, and only from, the specified list. The choice is the entrant's, as is the order. These must be set in the original language and not in translation.
  • The competition welcomes submissions in any style within contemporary classical music, but works outside this genre (pop, rock, folk etc) will not be considered.
  • The total length of the four songs should be 13-17 minutes.
  • Contestants will submit a copy of the score in pdf format to info@shevacollection.co.uk
    Sheva will acknowledge safe receipt. If you hear nothing and fear it has not arrived please send a follow up email.
  • The score should not bear the composer's name or any other identifying marks but instead be marked with a pseudonym. Correspondence/email etc. with the entrants' name is fine as this is not shared with the jury.
  • Scores should ideally be typeset, but clear, handwritten scores are acceptable as long as they are sent in pdf format.
  • Works may have been previously performed but must not have been released as commercial recordings.
  • Though not a requirement, a recording, whether performed live or as a computer realisation, is welcomed. This should be either submitted with the score, or by transfer to info@shevacollection.co.uk, including the pseudonym in the transfer message for identification.
  • By participating the composer will have agreed to Sheva's recording of the work to be the premiere, but thereafter the work can be recorded by other labels freely.
  • At the conclusion of the competition, unsuccessful scores and recordings will be destroyed by Sheva. Sheva will remove composers' names and emails from its digitally stored information, unless a participant wishes to be kept informed of Sheva's services and news.
  • The entry fee payable is £60. This must be made by bank transfer or Paypal. To participate, please send an e-mail to info@shevacollection.co.uk and bank details will be supplied.
  • The deadline for entries is 1st June 2022.
  • Four winners will be announced on 1st August 2022.
  • The decision of the jury is final and no correspondence will be entered into concerning this.
  • In the event of query or to seek clarification please email Ermanno De Stefani at info@shevacollection.co.uk
    The CD recording will be made within six months of the announcement of results. The performers will be announced at the conclusion of the competition.

The International Jury comprises:
Peter Seabourne, composer (UK)
Sahoko Sato Timpone, mezzo-soprano (USA)
Vovka Ashkenazy, pianist (Switzerland)

(Aside from their jury membership the members will not participate in the realisation of the project.)
We look forward to hearing from you and to discover exciting new Emily Dickinson settings!

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