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Forthcoming Releases and News

JAPONISME The splendid recording of Sahoko Sato Timpone is ready in the world-wide platforms

Songs of Japonisme surveys the musical influence of the Japonisme movement in the art-song repertoire of the early twentieth century.

Pascal Rogé and Sheva!

A formidable achievement for Sheva! The extraordinary and worldwide celebrated pianist Pascal Rogé is going to release a CD for our label. Bravo maestro!!!


Liza is a prize winner of various international competitions. In 2018 she won the Grand Prize Virtuoso of the International Music Competition in Vienna. In 2017 she was awarded the Deutschlandstipendium by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research

PREMIERE: Dimitri Ashkenazy and Sheva

Born in 1969 in New York, Dimitri Ashkenazy began playing the piano at the age of six and then switched to the clarinet under the tuition of Giambattista Sisini, with whom he continued studying when he entered the Conservatory of Lucerne in 1989.

VICTOR BRAOJOS - Shreds of light

The first time I listened to Víctor Braojos was at the Palau de la Música Catalana in one of his performances. I was a member of the jury at the annual competition “El Primer Palau” and I remember very vividly his fabulous interpretation of Schubert’s B-flat last piano Sonata. The way Víctor played that piece impressed me greatly.

JÁNOS BALÁZS Improvvisart

Hungarian pianist János Balázs is keen to demonstrate his improvisation skills in various genres beyond the classical stage, such as jazz, world music, or folk music, which are inspired by classical music values and the 20th century tradition of improvisation.


INEDITA: The new CD series from Sheva Catalogue. Thousands of unknown or less-known masterpieces are waiting to be rediscovered.

SHEVA CD best seller of the year

Bach Six Partitas - Joseph Fleetwood, piano In one month only (July 2020) 153.132 downloads, 713.424 in 2020. Bravo bravissimo Joseph

Best seller CD ever: Natalia Khoma's Bach cello suites!

Congratulation, dear Natalia!! Wonderful achievement for a Sheva CD: Bach Cello Suites, magically performed by Natalia Khoma, has been dowloaded/streamed 220.215 times in one month (November 2018). Congratulation, dear Natalia!!

Holloway - Seabourne. British works for horn

This is simply stunning playing! Ondřej Vrabec is one of the world's élite players, becoming solo horn of the Czech Philharmonic at the age of 17. This CD showcases music by Robin Holloway and Peter Seabourne that will readily find a wide audience.


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