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Forthcoming Releases and News

Natalia Khoma Best seller CD!

Wonderful achievement for a Sheva CD: Bach Cello Suites, magically performed by Natalia Khoma, has been dowloaded/streamed 220.215 times in one month (November 2018). Congratulation, dear Natalia!! Wonderful achievement for a Sheva CD: Bach Cello Suites, magically performed by Natalia Khoma, has been dowloaded/streamed 220.215 times in one month (November 2018). Congratulation, dear Natalia!!


Kristina Sočanski was born in Belgrade, Serbia in 1990. At an early age, she showed exceptional musical talent. In 2001 she moved to Stavanger, Norway together with her family. Kristina has studied at the University of Stavanger and the Barratt Due Music Institute in Oslo, Norway, as well as at the HFM Franz Liszt in Weimar, Germany. She holds her official degrees from the ”University of Stvanger” and the “Norwegian Academy of Music” in Oslo (Bachelor Degree, class of prof. Håkon Austbø and prof. Einar Smebye”) and the ”Royal Danish Academy of Music” in Copenhagen (Master Degree).

JASON SOLOUNIAS debuts on Sheva Collection

Jason has performed across the United States and Europe at venues ranging from the Kennedy Center to Southwark Cathedral, and including performances at Millenium Stage, the Lincoln Theater, Steinway Society of Puerto Rico, Duomo di Amalfi, Junior Soto Recital Hall, the Arts Club of Washington, Classical Radio WETA

SH 222 CHOPIN Complete Nocturne Vol 1 ALESSANDRO VENA

I wouldn’t have become a pianist if it hadn’t been for Chopin and, in particular, his Nocturnes. This is why, for the first time, I am writing these notes because I feel nothing but utmost respect for Chopin, and I am extremely devoted to his Nocturnes. Even though I was only six, I can still vividly remember hearing the notes coming from the record player. This memory is engraved in my mind, my heart and my ears.

SH 221 MACKENZIE Piano Music Vol 1

When Alexander Campbell Mackenzie was born in Edinburgh in 1847, there had been music on the male side of the family for at least two generations. Grandfather John (1797-1852) had been a violinist, as was his son Alexander (1819-1857).

ALEXANDER C. MACKENZIE Complete works for piano solo

One of Sheva Collection’s big success stories has been CHRISTOPHER HOWELL’s championing of the music of Sir Charles Villiers Stanford. As a logical continuation, Christopher Howell now turns his attention to Stanford’s Scottish contemporary, Sir Alexander Campbell Mackenzie (1847-1935). The three CDs covering his complete works for solo piano will be released over the next few months.


Praised by the Calgary Herald as "lively, ebullient, and spikily accentuated performance...", pianist Yerin Kim is an avid chamber musician and recitalist. She has given concerts in various festivals and recitals in major venues internationally, including The Kennedy Center in Washington D.C., Carnegie Hall in New York, Place Flagey in Brussels and the Rolston Hall at the Banff Centre for the Arts in Canada.

FRANZ LISZT presents voll. 2 Giuseppe Bruno, piano

This is the second volume that the Italian pianist Giuseppe Bruno dedicates to Liszt’s transcriptions, in this case specifically of Beethoven’s music.

The debut of Wu Dan and Tianshu Wan on Sheva

The Richard Strauss Violin Sonata in E-flat Major, Op. 18 is famous for its difficult piano score. Written between 1887 and 1888, while the composer fell in love with the beautiful soprano Pauline de Ahna, who later became his wife. The passionate feelings are heard through the lyrical beauty throughout the piece.

NORIKO YAKUSHIJI Mnémosyne, Vocalices and 5 sighs

Mnemosyne is the Greek goddess of memory. When I was about three years old, I remember marching through the room behind my older sister, playing a makeshift drum made of chopsticks and a bowl, all the while singing without words. This is my earliest musical memory.


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